About This Project

About This Project

In America, more so than in other countries, philanthropies play a unique and important role of supporting innovative policy experiments that, when successful, often become the basis of future government actions.

These successful innovations, however, tend to be under-covered by the press, and there has been no single place where citizens and public officials can go to read about them. The Successes of Philanthropy series aims to fill this gap. Over time, this site will come to serve as a full, one-stop-shop of stories about successful philanthropic investments and innovations, as told by the foundations and nonprofits themselves. New stories will be added weekly.

This sponsored series will feature an array of stories from private foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, and individual philanthropists. The pieces will highlight individual success stories as well as collaborative projects in the philanthropic sector in such cutting edge policy areas as impact investing and asset building.

The Successes of Philanthropy series is nonpartisan. Whether supported by a conservative-leaning or liberal-leaning philanthropy, if a project is innovative and successful, we think the public ought to know about it.

The Monthly is very grateful to the following funders who have provided financial support for the series:

We also want to thank these organizations for their strategic input and story suggestions, and for helping to promote the series to their memberships and/or audiences: the Council on Foundations, the Philanthropy RoundtableThe Center for Effective PhilanthropyThe Communications Network and the Center for High Impact Philanthropy.

For more information about this project or to contribute a story to this series, please contact us here.

Jeff Hamond is Vice President and Director of the Philanthropy Practice at Van Scoyoc Associates of Washington, DC and the curator of Successes of Philanthropy.